Multiphysics modelling (FEA)

With multiphysics modelling and simulation, based on "finite element analysis" (FEA), a product can be developed faster and cheaper. Today this is called "Simulation Driven Product Development".

Metrotech is specialised in the following areas:

  • Structural mechanics      -> examples
  • Heat transfer                 -> examples
  • Fluid and gas flow (CFD)  -> examples
  • Electromagnetics            -> examples
  • Acoustics                      -> examples
  • Combination of these physics

In a virtual world can be assessed whether the technical requirement specifications comply with the actual intentions of the product. It can also show if the product is feasible. Simulation can also be used to optimise the physical properties of a product and there with produce a better product at lower production costs. 

Metrotech can model, simulate and analyse your ideas. It may be a first quick impression or a detailed and deep analysis.

A multiphysics simulation can also be used for documentation of existing products, for example, that your product has certain qualities or fulfilling certain requirements, for example CE marking.

These physical properties can for example be: strength of materials, sound, vibration, flow, heat conductivity or generation, weight, dimensions etc.

A simulation will for example able to identify:

  • whether a particular material is strong enough
  • which material can be used instead
  • noise level of the finished product
  • vibrations in the product
  • heat generation in the product

And thus product cost and product life.