Loudspeaker driver in a vented enclosure

This example models the acoustic behavior of a loudspeaker driver mounted in a bass reflex (or vented) enclosure.


One of the most important design parameters for a loudspeaker driver is its sensitivity as a function of the frequency. The sensitivity is commonly defined as the on-axis sound pressure level, measured at a 1 m distance, while the driver is loaded by an AC voltage of 4 V.



Absorptive muffler in a vented disclosure

This model describes the pressure-wave propagation in a muffler for an internal combustion engine. The approach is generally applicable to analysing the damping of propagation of harmonic pressure waves. The model's purpose is to show how to analyse both inductive and resistive damping in pressure acoustics. The main output is the transmission loss for the frequency range 50 Hz–1500 Hz.

The muffler consists of a 24-liter resonator chamber with a section of the centered exhaust pipe included at each end.

In the first version of the model (blue line) the chamber is empty. In the second version (green line) it is lined with 15 mm of absorbing glass wool.