About Metrotech

Metrotech is an engineering firm that offers consulting, problem solving and concept in product development and research. My name is Ed Bervoets and started Metrotech in 2012 in order to follow my passion for physics and engineering. I am Dutch and educated in The Netherlands as an engineering physicist (Engineering Physics M.IDA, B.Sc.) in 1993.

Metrotech develops customised solutions for customers. It is the most important parameter for Metrotech is that the customer gets what he expects and preferably more.

During the agreement period  Metrotech ensures feedback regarding the status and progress of the project and the agreed milestones and dead lines. Metrotech does not compromise with quality, a deal is a deal and a schedule is met. In order to guarantee a high satisfaction level for our customers and a high quality level of our products and services, Metrotech evaluates each project and asks for feedback from the customer during and after each project.

It is the customer who owns the final product and all information about the project remains confidential. Metrotech does not own any products or patents.

It can be agreed that Metrotech will make contact with other suppliers on behalf of the customer or that Metrotech for specific services has recourse to subcontractors. Implementation of hardware usually takes place in close cooperation with one or more of Metrotech's partners.