Measuring sytems

Measuring systems used to monitor prototypes or existing facilities in a test rig for example. of vibration, load, temperature, velocity or acceleration.

Distributed measurement systems are larger and more advanced commented measurement systems that collect large amounts of data that flow with a high speed (up to 1,000 Hz) from many and varied sources.

An example would be data collection in wind turbines, which collected data on load, wind speed, temperature, vibration, performance and speed for the certification and verification of the turbine performs as expected.
Metrotech can design and implement distributed measurement systems and analyze data. And can according to your needs taking care of the following tasks:

  • Define requirement specifications for the measuring system
  • Assess measurement uncertainty
  • Designing measurement system
  • Development of hardware & software for data acquisition
  • Purchase / implementation of hardware
  • Support for calibration
  • Execution and monitoring of data collection
  • Signal Analysis


Metrotech can in some areas also conduct data analysis.

Installation of hardware and electrical components can be done in cooperation with subcontractors / partners.

Example: Research vessel equipped with several GPS synchronized systems: